Hidden Access

Native Onion Browsing

It is said that the deep web is 90% of the entire internet. UncensorableTech goes far beyond DNS resolution by allowing anyone to access any onion website natively within any application via our proprietary deep web content delivery network and DNS system.

We still recommend use of the official Tor browser when maximum privacy is needed.

Decentralized DNS

Blockchain DNS Support

Innovations in DNS technology have created countless new TLDs that can only be accessed via their respective protocols. We've aggregated the largest decentralized DNS platforms and linked them into a single point of function. When using UncensorableTech DNS servers you will get access to .bbs, .chan, .cyb, .dyn, .geek, .gopher, .indy, .libre, .neo, .null, .o, .oss, .oz, .parody, .pirate, and more!

Beyond the Edge

Integrated Network Security

We are constantly tracking and compiling a list of hostnames that serve ads and/or malware. When using our DNS servers your device will natively blackhole any routes to these hostnames effectively blocking known ads and malware before they even get requested by your network.